About Us

OUR MISSION: As a part of Elder High School, tech-reach followed the principles of Altiora, to "strive for the higher things." We saught to improve the quality of life for the people of Price Hill and advance the area's livability, through accessible technology, education, and community-building.

About tech-reach

In 2003, as an established leader in the revitalization of Price Hill, Elder High School completed the Jerome A. Schaeper Center, a state-of-the-art technical teaching facility. At that time, the tech-reach outreach program began utilizing the new facility and the school's technical and educational resources for the good of the community. Previously, tech-reach classes had been conducted off site. From the start, private donations and foundation grants funded tech-reach programming and operating expenses, enabling participants to benefit at little or no cost to themselves.

Since the first tech-reach class in 2001, over 16,000 individuals benefited from tech-reach sponsored courses, conferences, services, and community events.

Who We Are

Guided by school and agency staff and boards, tech-reach collaborated with other non-profits to deliver low-cost/no-cost educational programs and community-building events for the people and organizations of Price Hill and Greater Cincinnati. Through needs assessments and collaborative program development, tech-reach provided services that spoke directly to the aspirations of individuals, organizations, and community groups.

Each year, tech-reach welcomed thousands of adults to the Schaeper Center for Community Adult Education, Professional Development Workshops, VITA Tax Preparation, Community Development Meetings, and Community Celebrations. tech-reach also delivered educator workshops, parent support programs, and computer-enhanced learning to children and youth.

Our History


The Schaeper Center is Built

Serving as the epicenter for technology, the Schaeper Center contains facilities that allow Elder High School students to utilize the best in technology for the classroom environment.

Picture of the Schaeper Center Entrance
tech-reach is Formed

The idea for Elder High School's technology outreach (tech-reach) program emerged during Elder High School's Vision 2020 capital and endowment campaign, which was responsible for the creation of the Schaeper Center. Utilizing the new Schaeper Center technical and educational facility, the outreach program was designed to help fulfill part of the original vision - Elder High School's leadership role in the community.

In 2003, under the leadership of Mr. Jerry Hamburg, the first tech-reach classes officially began with computer lessons for local children and adults. However, as early as 2001, tech-reach was conducting off-site programs for youth.

Picture of Jerry Hamburg


Barbara Bruner-Leik Becomes Director

Prior to tech-reach, Barbara was a program director at the YMCA where she ran summer camps and after-school programs. From 8/1999 through 6/2003 Barbara was the director of a preschool lab where she taught Early Childhood Education classes to high school students interested in working in child centered careers.

Picture of Barbara Bruner-Leik
Expanding Partnerships

tech-reach expanded partnerships with various non-profit organizations. Some of these new partnerships include the summer Computer Camp for children from Carson and Dunham, Staff Training classes for Santa maria Services, and a Math Discovery tutoring program ran in association with The Women's Connection.


New Year, New Summer Camps

tech-reach partnered with the YMCA's Child Development Services to begin an enrichment program for local elementary school students, while also housing a summer computer camp for local disadvantaged children.


Summer Computer Camp Begins

A children's summer computer camp with the Alcoholism Council of Cincinnati is started, as well as a Computer Keyboarding Camp for St. Teresa of Avila and St. William schools. Adult evening computer classes continued to grow in popularity.

Picture of Summer Computer Camp
Sister Nancy Kinross Becomes tech-reach Director

Sr. Nancy Kinross, C.PPS., was Elder's tech-reach Director from July, 2006, through July, 2011. Prior to tech-reach, Sr. Nancy taught high school math, served as a school principal, and directed a non-profit agency in Cincinnati. Sr. Nancy now serves as Vice President of her religious order, Sisters of the Precious Blood, in Dayton, Ohio.

Picture of Nancy Kinross
First Free VITA Tax Preparation Service

tech-reach helped organize and host the West Side's first free VITA tax preparation services for low-income filers, in partnership with the IRS, Santa Maria Community Services, The Women's Connection, Legal Aid of Greater Cincinnati, the College of Mount Saint Joseph, the Order of Sisters of Charity, and volunteers from banks, accounting firms, area colleges and other non-profits.

Picture from the VITA Tax Preparation Service


Expanded Offerings and New Operations Database

Expanded computer course offerings and set up the first tech-reach operations database. Invited non-profits Price Hill Will and Harmony Gardens to bring the first Price Hill Health Fairs for Women and Girls to Elder's Schaeper Center.


First Youth Photography Project

tech-reach hosted Price Hill Will's first summertime Youth Photography Project - a program that teaches Middle School aged children from Price Hill to record the natural beauty and cultural treasures found in their own community. In the Schaeper Center computer labs, children then learn to use Adobe Photoshop to design marketable gifts and decorative items later displayed and sold in a local gallery. This program has enriched the lives of children each summer through 2015.

Picture of Youth Photography Student
Expanding Direct Marketing

Established professional quality automated direct marketing procedures to double the number of individuals taking computer classes at Elder's Schaeper Center.


Curriculum Expansions and Entertainment

tech-reach expanded its Adult Computer Literacy curriculum, hosted more community-building events and started a Summer Tennis Camp for children in Elder's new Panther Athletic Center, on Quebec Avenue.

Picture of the Tennis Camp
Enhancing Professional Development Training

Reached out to Price Hill Catholic elementary schools and non-profit agencies to provide technology-enhanced professional development trainings in Elder's Schaeper Center.


Providing Opportunities for Everyone

Collaborated with The Women's Connection to introduce local high school girls to computers and after-school computer-assisted homework support.


Shifting After-School Programs

Shifted after-school Math Discovery enrichment for children to the newly established after-school homework help programs at neighborhood schools. Facilitated the smooth transition to new tech-reach Director Nancy House

Nancy House Becomes tech-reach Director

Nancy House, our current director, began her time with tech-reach. Nancy House received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Secondary Teaching Credential from Northwestern University and her Masters in Human Behavior from Alliant University (formerly U.S. International University). Before becoming Director of tech-reach, Nancy House had been a Program Developer, Director, Consultant, and Trainer for various educational, social, and rehabilitative services for children, adults, and families.

Picture of Nancy House


Computer Class Changes

The tech-reach computer classes are redesigned as a course of study.


Continued Community Building

tech-reach continues to expand its community outreach with new community-building, multi-cultural activities & events, and including Mount St. Joseph University student volunteers in service delivery.

Picture of Computer Camp Student and MSJ Student Volunteer


New ABLE/GED Programs

tech-reach added instruction by Great Oaks ABLE/GED and the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati for an integrated, technology-enabled adult education outreach, serving a multi-cultural population.

Picture of ABLE/GED Class
Professional Development

For 2014-2016, the Educator Professional Development Program focuses on educator response to child trauma.

Image of Educator Professional Development Conference


Linda Keller Becomes tech-reach Director

Linda Keller, our current director, began her time with tech-reach in 2012 as a tech-reach instructor. Linda received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and her Masters of Education from the University of Cincinnati. Before becoming Director of tech-reach, Linda Keller worked at The Women’s Connection in Price Hill for 8 years as the Employment Connections Program Coordinator, the Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, and later as the Director of Programs.

Picture of Linda Keller


Quality Programs Continue and Expand

tech-reach continues to offer adult education classes, children's programming, educator and social service professional development, free VITA tax preparation and e-filing for low-income filers, and community-building and enrichment activities in partnership with colleges and universities, high schools and elementary schools, governmental agencies, and other non-profit organizations. New programs for adults, families, and youth are designed.

Picture of UC Research Project
Elder Announces tech-reach Program Closure

After much prayerful consideration, Elder High School decided to end the tech-reach program, effective October 2017. High quality programs and community partnerships continued until the very end. Elder will continue to support the community through the hosting of capacity building events like the West Side EITC Free Tax Prep program and many other events.


12th Annual FREE Tax Prep Will Continue

Tax payers who have earned income of less than $54,000 can have their taxes e-filed for free at Elder High School in January-March of 2018. CALL 513-235-3835 for more information or to make an appointment.

EITC 2018 tax prep

What ADULT LEARNERS said about their tech-reach experience...

tech-reach helped me learn things I didn't know and reinforced information that I did. Will definitely move forward with more classes. -Linda J.
tech-reach does build your confidence. -Judith M.
I grew up using computers, but wanted to update myself on each program. These courses have made me more comfortable & taught me new techniques and tricks to use on a daily basis at work. -Megan Z.
My job is patient care based, but now I feel more empowered to make contributions and impact with my committee and project work. -Lisa S.
My instructor had an excellent working knowledge of Excel and could not only explain "how" to perform a certain task but also "why" and also discuss alternative approaches to the same task - and the rationales for each approach. She explained how to avoid errors. -Barbara B.
The instructor gave me confidence & the information I gained really improved my work skills. tech-reach helped me update my computer & internet skills so I could look for a better job. -Susan S.
The classes are convenient and on the bus line. There were not too many people. I could get adequate help and individual attention. I learned a lot. -George B.

Best of Luck on your JOURNEY!

For more information, contact Elder High School at 513-921-3744.